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As long as I’m breathing, it’s not over!

                                             Tenzin in S03E11 

Tenzin this Episode were you my Hero!

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Aang thought him well..

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Happy Birthday Ading Frances! It was nice skyping with you and your twin today! Hope you like your present! I got you the Tour de France!…haaahhh!

But other than that, my Monday has been pretty chill! I found more Filipinos! Well like 3 stores in Earl’s Court. The tindahan was open yet but I plan on going there and getting me some Pinoy food!

I pretty much kept it relaxed today to recover from my crazy weekend. For architecture class, we turned in our journals and walked around the East End of London.  Pretty urban spots, much more diversity in ethnicities and economic status. Brick lane was interesting. It was pretty chill as in weather so walking around was nice. Then for dindin, a couple of us went to Nando’s. Oh Nando’s can you come to the West Coast? Thanks.

Then ended my day talking to my adings!…and a few others. Haha. Kinda really missed those little buggers. If you’re reading this….hi.

Aight. Good night once again Tumblrworld!

-Eddie the Traveling Man

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Paris, Part Deux! 
After being at the top of Paris, I went to the Trocadèro Gardens, walked to the Arc de Triomphe, down the Champs-Élysées, where got THE most delicious beignet I had ever had. Powdered sugar with a chocolate filling. Oh and a pain du chocolat. What a busy street, full of tourists and cars and bikers! 
Walked down even further and saw them setting up the seats for the last stretch of the Tour de France, which ended on Sunday. Then walked to Place de la Concorde where I got some delicious gelato, perfect for a sunny day. It was a huge big square that had extravagant buildings and the epicentre of important architecture. I don’t know what buildings they were, but they sure looked epic. Walked down to the Tuileries Gardens where there was a big octagonal basin of water, almost like a pond where people sat around on chairs to relax. But on I went! To the big grand open space that was the Lourve square/entrance! Three big class pyramids surrounded by huge buildings that was home to many masterpieces, including the Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, the Lourve was about to close when I got there, so I didn’t go in. Oh well, looks like ima have to go back to Paris! But further down I went! Walked down the River Seine, bobbing and weaving through pedestrian traffic to make my way to the great Notre Dame! Home of Quasimodo! I didn’t see him though. Soooo many people in that courtyard. But it was nice because I got there when the bells were tolling. Had one more stop before heading back to the station. The Love Lock bridge. Lovers from all over the world come and seal their love in the form of a lock onto this section of a bridge. Thousands of loves were covering this bridge. Pretty neat. I had a chance to catch my breath and breathe in Paris. 
I took in that moment and locked it away. And booked it to the Metro back to Gard du Nord train station! My travel card wasn’t going through but good thing I was right next to a ticket station and the lady just gave me a new one! What what! And I headed back to the station. Did my thing at the UK customs, got my new Paris visa stamp, and headed down the lounge to wait for the Eurostar. I ran into the Filipino family again as I waited and we exchanged stories and by coincidence, we ended up all sitting next to each other on the train. Enjoyed their company nice again and shared a meal. It’s nice to spend time with yourself but it’s also needed to be around good company so I thank you for giving me that today. Arrived back in LondonTown around 10ish and said my farewell to the family and headed back to South Ken.
I wasn’t even planning on coming to Paris but I am so glad I took the chance. The people, the atmosphere, all the music playing around me. It was a good place to just breathe. You get presented with so many doors in your life, and more often than not, I’ve passed up so many doors in my past. But the thing about the past is that you learn from it. You then decide to make your life have meaning and do everything in your power to give it your all and take risks. You never know how it will reward you down the line. Throughout my college career, I’ve been opening every door that came my way, not worrying about the negatives or positives, but for the experience. I have the urge to keep moving forward. It’s unstoppable. I need to keep moving forward and push myself to the best of my abilities. To keep learning and keep experiencing life. Meet new people. Putting yourself I uncomfortable situations. Adapting to those situations. Learning from them. And paying that experience forward to help someone else. Breathe in your experiences. 
Paris in a day. Check! 
À demain! 
-Eddie the Traveling Man
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Whatever you do, do with passion.


Whatever you do, do with passion.

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You are going through a metamorphosis...

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Text 18 Jul Well shit posted on the wrong tumblr. OH WELL

Follow for my continued adventures!


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I was dreading to work on this essay today. Absolutely hated it. But i got down to business, to defeat the…essay. Knocked it out within like 3-4 hours in the library after breakfast and since i was drained mentally, decided to chill in my dorm and take a nap. 
But I forgot I was invited to BigTime’s rehearsal today at 7 and I woke up at 630..good thing Victoria was only 2 stops away on the tube. Got there at like 715, just in time for their rehearsal. Started off with a conditioning routine that Raphael created and it was a workout! well given that he is a physical trainer, it only makes sense. Then we did shadows and then warm up stretches. Then Jasmine taught her piece! It was a fun piece to learn! I had to slow down and sit in the beat a lot to get the feel of the song but once I watched and marked it, I got it down ok. If youre reading this Jas, great job on the choreo!! Then we had a freestyle session at the end. I havent freestyle in SO long! It was definitely a nice visit to freestyle again. Then we went to Nando’s (the spot!) got me some chips and asked for peri-peri salt on the side (saved 10p, thanks Jas!).  We chilled there for a good while and they taught me a whole bunch of slang (brov, taking the piss, thats long, im init! still, ill explain those at a later date). But as a reflective note, I definitely glad I got to meet these cats while i was over here (Raphael, Jasmine, Marco, Will, Keke, Axel, Stephen) Its a good feeling to be around people that share the same interests as you while getting a taste of what their life is like. I can definitely call them some great friends I met while in London.
Welp catch yall on the flip side! still. 

-Eddie the Traveling Man

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Combined both days because, unfortunately, i was pretty occupied with school the past couple days and well, the next days to come. Having two papers due, one on Friday and one on monday, a presentation on tuesday and journals entries to write is a lot to demand of students that are studying abroad. or its just the classes i chose. lucky me! but once this weekend is over with, the next weekend will resume my adventures! so stay tuned to that!

Wednesday: I think i did some research for my paper and for architeture, we roamed around South Ken, looked at The Royal Albert Music Hall and Albert Memorial. Royal School of Music, Imperial and the V&A Museum. I need to go into that museum before I leave because when else are you gonna live right next to a world famous museum which is free admission? Got a sub sandwich on the way home and went to the library to work on my paper. second floor library has NO air conditioning. but internet is fast. Noted. Kinda like Orbach but hotter.

Skyped with the Court today! Thanks for updating me on your summer life and errythang!

Thursday: Could have worked on my essay for art more, but decided I should take the morning to rest up and gather my thoughts so I could focus on my paper when the time came to work on it. Went to art class today and yet again we left to go to some sort of museum at like 4..didnt get there til 440 and had like 20 minutes in a hot house to look around it. It was the home of Ernos Goldfinger, a prominent modern architecict in London in the early to mid 1900s. The house kinda reminded me of my Grandpas house in Subic. Maybe he got inspiration from Goldfinger? idk. But it was in Hampstead, a nice quiet little borough north of south ken. It was where a lot of artists used to live but now has gotten quite expensive. I liked how quaint it was there. A nice break from the hustle and bustle of London Town. But yeah then we took the Overground to the Underground back to South Ken. I liked tubes with ac. very much. thanks overground. 

Google Hangout with my seastar! We caught up on A LOT.  it was great seeing ya!

-Eddie the Traveling Man

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